Product Teams

Originally created as a product management roadmapping tool, it is no wonder product teams love Aha!

In fact, that's how I first discovered Aha! while leading a team of product managers at Vodafone UK. You can read more about that here.

Since then, I've helped literally hundreds of product teams with their Aha! implementations. Startups to Multinationals and in a variety of sectors. Aha! isn't just for software development.

through my training, consulting and implementation services.

How I help:

  • Creating a robust and scalable product hierarchy

  • Avoid the configuration pitfalls when teams are left to figure things out on their own

  • Bring industry best practices to your team and organisation

  • Rollout Aha! at scale from a proof of concept to a department or organisation-wide implementation

  • Help with the cultural adoption associated with new technology and process changes

  • Train and coach the various teams and management levels within your company


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