Use mockups to communicate your concepts with clarity

Paper is great until you spill your coffee

Did you know there is a first class diagramming, wire-framing and mockup tool built right into Aha!?

If you didn't, you are not alone. We are often surprised at how few people actually know about the Aha! mockup functionality since its introduction in November 2017, yet the possibilities and benefits are huge.

Mockups is built upon the fantastic open source work done by the folks at It is an extremely comprehensive and powerful tool that can help you to illustrate your ideas, reduce ambiguity and convey your concepts with clarity.

Unlike the original version which requires you to connect to an online storage capability to save your creations (Google Drive or One Drive), Aha! mockups allows you to save your diagrams as attachments in Aha! that can be embedded directly within the rich text editor.

What's more, if you create mockups on your work items such as features and requirements, the attachments can be sent across certain engineering system integrations so the development teams can easily visualise the concepts that they will need to build.

Getting started couldn't be simpler. Look for a rich text editor field (such as feature or activity description) and look for the "Create mockup" link just below the editing area.

Clicking this link will unlock your diagramming super powers and all your wire-framing, process modelling and clipart arranging skills will all start coming back.

Here are some of our favourite uses for mockups:

  • Creating high-level website layouts before needing copy or images or other assets

  • Documenting company processes by creating flow diagrams and embedding the mockups in Aha! notes

  • Annotating screenshots to help convey amendments to remote colleagues

  • Recreating the Aha! model or positioning diagrams with the ability to completely customise how they look with fonts, images, shapes and more. Just create the mockup in an Aha! note and reference it from elsewhere in Aha!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.


Did you know about mockups before this article? How will you use the functionality to communicate with clarity and take your Aha! adoption to the next level?

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