Use Aha! notes for instant inspiration

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Last week we touched on how to quickly add screenshots in Aha! using the text editor.

You can also this technique to create rich documentation in Aha! Notes for your entire company to reference.

Notes are extremely powerful but surprisingly under-utilised by many users. Here are a few ways you can benefit from Notes in Aha!:

- Create an internal knowledge-base for your company or product

- Document standards and processes for training and reference

- Create a repository of information and research

- Create a product / marketing swipe file for instant creative inspiration

The process for each of these is the same, but in this article we will focus on the last example.

A swipe-file (or scrap-file) is a collection of ideas, examples and insights to draw from when your mind needs stimulation or creative inspiration. It could contain snippets from previous launches / communications that have gone well, competitor campaigns / products or even best in class assets you admire from other industries. The point here is not to directly copy or replicate but rather to help with the creative flow.

To create a swipe-file in Aha! just browse to the product line or product / workspace where you want to store it and select Product > Notes or Workspace > Notes in the main navigation. Select "Add note" to get going.

You can then paste text snippets, quickly add screenshots in Aha! and even create mockups within this new note to build up your file.

You can never have enough inspiration

Users can add themselves as watchers to be notified of any creative additions and a link to the Note can be easily shared or bookmarked for instant reference to your centralised repository.

You could create different swipe-files for your different products, channels or teams - the possibilities are endless.


How will you use Notes for instant inspiration?

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