Thankful Thursdays - Taking some time to show gratitude

Today is "Thankful Thursday" here at Product 360 - An opportunity to be grateful for the people in our professional and personal lives. Not only is it an opportunity to recognise people who have supported or benefited our lives in some way but also to "pay it forward" and share an act of kindness to others, some of which we may not even know.

A while back we called on our network to help us out and they truly delivered - for this we are hugely grateful.

Yesterday we played a little catch up, returning some of the recommendations and will continue to do so until we're caught up and can start to pay it forward.

The sentiment doesn't have to be huge (making a coffee for a colleague, starting a conversation with a stranger or complimenting a friend) but the impacts are.

If you have a gratitude IOU, why don't you use it today so that both of you can feel good into the coming weekend.

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