Send important messages to your team using Aha! broadcasts

Aha! broadcast messages - perfect for those with stage fright

Any Aha! lead or system administrator will know it is sometimes necessary to send an important message to all of your active users. Examples can include approaching project deadlines, company announcements or where you need to draw their attention to an important note.

In addition, if you have been following our top tips blog series, you will have learnt how to create an Aha! playbook to ensure the entire team understand the rationale behind your Aha! implementation. But how do you ensure that all Aha! users know where the playbook can be found?

Fortunately, all of these situations can be elegantly handled by using an Aha! broadcast message. These are are account-wide messages that show as a yellow banner within the main screens of the Aha! interface. Note they don't show on all screens so as not to be totally intrusive.

If you are an Aha! Customisations administrator, you can create a new broadcast message under Settings > Account > Configure Broadcasts.

You can customise your message by changing the text, including an image and deciding when and how the message should be presented.

We recommend that when rolling out Aha! to your users, a broadcast message is used to greet them and provide a link to your Aha! playbook or perhaps the name of your Aha! lead or primary contact. Not only do they get a kind welcome but they now have a handy reference on where to get help should they need assistance

Here is an example:

Used correctly, broadcast messages can be an efficient way to communicate important messages to your end users and help them to adopt to the new ways of working that you want them to follow.

No microphone required.


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