It is a marathon, not a sprint

We use Aha! for managing every element of our business at Product 360 - from client engagements and marketing campaigns to capturing ideas and feedback.

It is fantastic to be able to manage tasks in each functional area and yet look across the entire company to track what is being worked on and when.

Much of our work is organised in a weekly cadence, much like a sprint in agile development. It is a great way to stay focused on the tasks in hand and gives agility to plan the coming week as priorities change. These "sprints" are represented by Aha! releases, and with 52 weeks in a year we have 52 sprints across the company.

Creating that many releases manually could take some time, so we created a handy CSV file to bulk upload our sprints for the remainder of this calendar year. The sprints are named "w/e Date Month, 2019" and uploaded into the parking lot by default (thanks to a setting in the CSV file). As planning demands, these can be turned into an active release in the product/workspace each week.

We know a few other folks use Aha! in a similar way so thought it would be useful to share the CSV file as a basis for your own planning purposes which you can customise and then import into Aha!.

Download the CSV file here

We hope you find this useful. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback and you can contact us with any questions.

Warning: Importing this file will create a lot of releases in your selected product/workspace parking lot. You may wish to consider importing a few releases first as a test to ensure you are comfortable with the data being uploaded!

Further information:

  • The start of the release is set using the development started date and is always a Monday in this file

  • Release duration is 5 days and the release date is set to the Friday

  • External release date is the same as the release date

Example file data structure


"w/e 26th April, 2019",2019-04-22,2019-04-26,2019-04-26,true

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