How to recreate deleted objects in Aha!

No rummaging necessary.

A few of us have been there. That moment of realisation and the sinking feeling in your stomach when you discover you have deleted an important object in Aha! by mistake.

All that time and effort you, or worse someone else in the team, had spent capturing information and documenting details has now disappeared.

Currently there is no un-delete functionality in Aha! but that doesn't necessarily mean all your information is lost. Here are a few tips that can help you recover the information so you can recreate the object and redeem yourself.

1. Look in the Aha! History

Aha! has a comprehensive activity history. To access it, click on your initials or personal avatar in the top right of the main navigation and chose the "History" option.

Aha! will show a timeline of events and actions for any records you have permissions to see within the application.

You can then use the search for any key words or memorable information to view the details of the object that was accidentally deleted. There are also timeline, product and user filters to narrow your search.

Once the object has been identified, copy all the information you need into a temporary document.

2. Check your notebooks

If you have saved a view of the object information in an Aha! notebook then, depending on the update frequency you have chosen for a web notebook ("refresh on update" or "manual snapshot"), you may be able to recover the information you need from the web-based notebook. If it is in a PDF notebook then even better.

Locate the object within your notebook and copy all the information you need into a temporary document.

Recreating the object

Once you have located all the information you need, you can then create a new object in Aha! and copy the data across from your temporary document to recreate it.

For the majority of situations, these steps are enough to get you out of a sticky situation and back on track again.

You're welcome.

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