Explore new concepts with our interactive Aha! workshop service

Modern teams are commonly embracing new ways of tackling problems, developing ideas and proving concepts.

One of these approaches is a workshop or "hack" session in which people with different areas of expertise form a focus group using collaborative tools and video conferencing. The aim of these sessions are to create, test, fail and learn in an iterative way in order to quickly prove value / potential in solving a problem before further investment of time, effort or budget. If you are new to hack sessions there is a great guide to running one here.

There is also growing interest in Aha! and how it can bring huge benefit to product and marketing functions as well as many others. However many teams don't have the bandwidth, Aha! knowledge or confidence to explore themselves.

With this in mind, we are excited to launch a new workshop / hack session service aimed at teams or individuals wanting a live, interactive session to discuss and prove the possibilities of Aha! with a seasoned expert.

We can help you to quickly mock up / explore concepts within your own Aha! account (or trial), discuss best practices and avoid common pitfalls. Session outcomes can then be further validated offline by your team before introducing / rolling out to the wider business.

Keen to learn more? Please visit our dedicated workshop page here.

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