Create an Aha! playbook to help deliver successful business change

Implementing business change can be challenging. Really challenging.

New processes need to be introduced or existing ones modified in order to support the new ways of working. System and tooling changes may be necessary in order to underpin and expedite those processes for the workforce. And, to add even more complexity, people may need to be up-skilled, change familiar working practices and can even resist the change you want to deliver - intentionally or not.

Get the intern to help create your playbook!

There are so many moving parts that a reference document can often be instrumental in helping the company to transition together.

This document, sometimes known as a playbook, ensures the entire team understand the rationale behind the transformation, the timelines and the benefits to the company.

Some of the most effective transformations we have led have been when a playbook was used to help the entire organisation get behind the transformation with clear instructions and guidance that they can reference and fall back on.

People that are uncertain have a handy guide for what is expected of them and those that are resistant to change can better understand the benefits to the organisation and importantly to themselves (efficiencies, visibility, reduced ambiguity, better decisions etc).

Our previous top tip blog posts have nicely been leading to this crescendo. By understanding how to use Aha! notes to document processes and other reference materials, adding screenshots, leveraging the mockup functionality within Aha! to create diagrams and visuals and then reference documents using # and @ mentions, you are now in a position to create your own playbook within Aha! to help the organisation adopt the change you want to deliver.

Below is a simple example playbook created in an Aha! note. It doesn't need to be complicated. Use this as a starting point to create your own rollout playbook to help deliver successful business change.


What additional information would you add to your own playbook?

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