Our Story

It is not often that we experience something so profound that it changes the way we work forever. Even less so when that something is a piece of software.

Yet this is exactly what happened as I began to explore my trial of Aha! over 5 years ago.

In mid-2015 I was leading a team of product managers at Vodafone UK and was trying to pull together another late night portfolio update for the leadership team.

Our roadmaps were in different formats, it was difficult to show traceability into strategy and creating a rolled-up portfolio view was manual and time consuming.

I knew there had to be a better way so I began to explore various product management capabilities for the team. 


There are many software tools out there, many of which get manipulated into doing something they weren't designed for. Nothing seemed to cater well for product and portfolio management activities or made creating stakeholder deliverables easy.

Almost giving up, I crossed off yet another issue management tool and signed up for an Aha! trial.


Justin Woods, Aha! Consultant and Founder

Product 360 Logo Product Lifecycle.jpg

Our company logo, inspired by the stages of the product lifecycle

Within a short period of time I could see that Aha! was organised exactly around the way that product and portfolio teams think. The functionality was vast and it was clear it would instantly meet our current needs as well as providing wider functionality to make our product management processes more robust.

My search had ended. Over the coming weeks Aha! united our product function and soon we were able to deliver full portfolio level roadmaps instantly yet targeted towards diverse stakeholder audiences.

Hugely excited about the transformative effects this had on my team, I took a leap of faith and founded Product 360 in 2016 so that we could help other professionals to discover Aha! and transform their teams and functions.

We are deeply passionate about Aha!. In the past 5 years we have led and guided hundreds of Aha! implementations, shared industry best practices and ensured companies have an Aha! implementation that allows them to be successful. We'd love to help you too.