Case Study 1

The Title

Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) transforms the way companies create new revenue, reduce costs and delight their subscribers with cloud, messaging and digital products supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers across the globe. Synchronoss’ secure, scalable and groundbreaking new technologies, trusted partnerships and talented people change the way TMT customers grow their business.

Company Fact File

Industry: TMT

Location: Global

Employees: 1K - 5K

People trained: >150

How we helped

Secret Formula
* The Title
* The Visuals
* The Summary
* The Body

### The Title
Should ignite curiosity - Give enough information so that the user can decide if it’s worth a click
“How we helped a beauty brand grow from the garage to 10M in sales”

### The Visuals
Create visuals for process and final work
> Truthfully, people love to see how it’s made.

We need to create visuals for the actual process. Not just a story from challenge to outcome or impact.

* People in action
* Sketches, wireframes, notes
* Post-its, whiteboards, reference material
* Infographics, illustrations
* Prototypes, animations, timelapses

*Final Visuals*
* Final reports / roadmaps
* Designs
* Data

### The Summary
Write the summary for busy people - Make sure they can get everything they need from the summary section.

Most people spend 30 - 60 seconds to impress someone. Make sure the people that are reading (especially those that skim) get the information they need.

Split into parts:
* Mission / challenge - what we were hired to do. The client wants to do x, y, z.. It needs to be represented from the clients point of view.
* Outcome - We did x,y,z.
* Results / Impact - Did the transformation go well? What benefits did it realise? How do we measure what we did?
* Services / Credit
* Awards / Press

### The Body
It should read like a story. The StarWars Saga.
What character is your client? They are Luke Skywalker. They are the hero. The whole point of the story is helping your client get to where they want to go.
We are the guide for the hero. We care if they win the quest.
Your client is the hero. You are the guide.

The Results

Proven experience leading and supporting hundreds of Aha! roll-outs gained by spending three years directly with the Aha! Customer Success team. We've helped start-ups to Fortune 10 companies at every stage of their Aha! journey from business case to adoption.

We have rolled out Aha! in many functions including Product, Marketing, Innovation & Technology, leveraging deep application knowledge and industry best practice.

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