We understand that every company is different. From the unique products and services you offer to the various functions and teams that underpin them.
So when it comes to your Aha! implementation, you need something different too. 


It all starts with a deep, 360° analysis of your product organisation - the people, the processes and the tools. We look at every aspect of your product organisation because each must be in alignment to deliver successful business change.
We believe in this so strongly it is what inspired our company name, Product 360.
Our comprehensive discovery phase includes user interviews, team discussions, process analysis and data modelling.
Using this information, it is then possible to configure Aha! and train your teams in house or let us help you Implement and Scale.

Who is this for?

Teams, departments or even entire companies looking for a successful and sustainable implementation of Aha!
Examples might include:
  • Rapid growth in your early stage company means you want to build a product-centric team from the ground up leveraging new tools and best practices
  • Your large marketing team needs to pivot the way it defines strategy, prioritises work and communicates with the rest of the business
  • Proven success with agile delivery means your entire company is wanting to move to a corporate-wide agile framework (SAFe, LeSS)
  • Organisationally you are embarking on a digital, data or solution transformation and need a tool to capture and manage all the moving parts

Can we help you too?​

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