Aha! Maturity Index

Aha! is an incredibly powerful and versatile capability with a fast growing feature set and userbase. It is also a premium product which means getting maximum value from the investment is crucial.

Common questions we are often asked include:

  • Are we using Aha! effectively?

  • How do other teams / companies in our industry use Aha!?

  • Are we using all the functionality available to us?

  • How else can we leverage Aha! to benefit our business?

Having worked with hundreds of customers we've had the opportunity to capture best practices, help teams avoid common pitfalls and have seen what does and does not make a successful Aha! implementation.

We've taken this knowledge to create an Aha! Maturity Index tool. The lite version of the tool has just 12 questions and is free to use.


Just enter your email address at the end and the system will send the results to you immediately.


Please note: The email will come from calconic.com which powers this tool.