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Product 360 are an Aha! software service provider. We offer a range of training and consulting services to enable teams to get the most from the platform.
With 20 years practical experience within the technology domain and 3 years as a former Aha! Customer Success Manager, we are uniquely placed to bring our experience, expertise, and best practices to help your team succeed.
Whether you want Aha! training for your team, consultancy to build a scalable implementation or just to chat with a seasoned expert, we can help.
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Who we help



Whether you are a single PM or part of a large product department, we can configure your Aha! implementation and provide the training to help lead product with conviction.



Roadmaps are crucial for marketing teams to define clear strategy, co-ordinated campaigns and manage activities. Marketing teams love using Aha!


A bold vision, adventurous strategic imperatives and a an effective roadmap are critical aspects for growth and potential investment. All can be managed in Aha! 

Enterprise Transformations

Enterprise transformations and significant change efforts need clear communication and a robust  tool to manage all the moving parts.

Don't rely on powerpoint to track this critical transition.

What people say

rob weinstein.jpeg

Justin is truly exceptional. We had a corporate-wide initiative to adopt and integrate Aha! as a part of our SAFe transformation. Though the challenge was daunting, Justin was not only amazing at adapting to our needs and requests but reassured us and guided us on the journey.

I highly recommend Justin

Rob Weinstein
Product Director

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We are passionate about Aha! and the huge benefits it can bring to your team but we know there can be many implementation and adoption challenges along the way.

If that sounds like you, or you'd just like to chat with an expert, don't hesitate to book a free, impartial call with me using the button below.